Vission™ LSO+

The Vission™ LSO+ is now available to offer sagittal and coronal support in a lightweight, breathable back support. The back panel self molds to the anatomy forming an intimate fit. Combination of rigid front, side and back panels restricts lateral movement. All the benefits of our LSO Short with added sagittal and coronal support panels. Combine with our Extender to ’grow’ orthosis 1-2 sizes larger.


Measurement based on hip circumference.

Item No. Product description Size Measure
203730 Vission™ LSO+ Small 32.5” - 36.5”
203740 Vission™ LSO+ Medium 36.5” - 40.5”
203760 Vission™ LSO+ X-Large 44.5” - 48.5