Sponsors and Partners

Allard USA is proud to partner with and/or sponsor the following companies and associations who share our vision and values.

Proud to Partner With...

CMTA - Improving the quality of life for those affected by CMT.

Proud to Sponsor...

Dralla - Giving individuals with physical challenges and unforgettable day.

AOPA - A world where orthotic and prosthetic care transforms lives.

Other Resources

TeamUP - Mobility-challenged individuals can still live healthy, rewarding lives!

AAOP - O&P professionals help improve movement, function, and spirit.

American Physical Therapy Association - A community that advances the profession of physical therapy to improve the health of society.

FSHD - Ensuring no one faces Facioscpulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) alone.

CBS Medical Billing & Consulting - Providing full-service practice management and medical billing and compliance services for healthcare practices.