Vission™ LSO Short

Our Vission™ LSO Short combines rigid anterior and posterior panels by applying 360° of circumferential compression. By lifting the abdominal muscles, the brace supports and relieves stress on the lumbar spine.

Integrated rigid anterior and removable rigid posterior panels provide firm compressive stabilization. Anterior panels have finger loops for easy closure. The wide elastic cinch straps easily adjust to provide required compression to snug the posterior panel against spine. Rigid posterior panel is heat moldable. Ergonomic stays help to retain brace shape.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Moderate to severe low back pain, lumbar sprains & strains, lumbar muscle weakness, lumbar instability.


Measurement based on hip circumference.

Item No. Product description Size Measure
201120 Vission™ LSO Short X-Small 28.5" - 32.5"
201130 Vission™ LSO Short Small 32.5" - 36.5"
201140 Vission™ LSO Short Medium 36.5 - 40.5"
201150 Vission™ LSO Short Large 40.5" - 44.5"
201160 Vission™ LSO Short X-Large 44.5" - 48.5"
201170 Vission™ LSO Short XX-Large 48.5" - 52.5"
201180 Vission™ LSO Short 3X-Large 52.5" - 60.5"
201190 Vission™ LSO Short 4X-Large 60.5" - 68.5"