Free Motion Joint

The Free Motion Joint is positioned on the opposite side of either the Corrective Joint or the R.O.M. Joint. It provides the desired torsional stiffness to the orthosis. Free motion (+135° to -135°).

Recommended Range Of Application:

Neurological Indications: Apoplexia (CVA), Cerebral Paresis, Multiple Sclerosis, Skull and Brain Trauma, Spastic Paralysis (Hereditary), Spina Bifida, Spinal Paralysis (Spastic), Tetraparesis (Spastic). Orthopedic Indications: Ligament Rupture, Burns, Endoprosthesis Implant, Fracture, Lower Leg Amputation.


Ankylosis, Deformation of Muscles and Bones, Fibrosis, Ossification

Item No. Product description Size
696950000 MultiStatic Free Motion Integrated Joint Medium
696960000 MultiStatic Static Joint Large
696970000 Free Motion Modular Small
697000000 Free Motion Modular Medium
696980000 Free Motion Modular w/ T-Bar Small
697030000 Free Motion Modular w/ T-Bar Medium
696990000 Free Motion Integrated w/ T-Bar Small
697040000 Free Motion Integrated w/ T-Bar Medium
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