Corrective Joint

Allard's SmartFAB Facility is now assembling MultiMotion contracture management orthoses saving you time in the workshop!
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The MultiMotion Corrective Joint is available in Small and Regular sizes. Functionality of the MultiMotion Corrective Joint is based on the LLPS principles (Low Load Prolonged Stretch). This process of gradual, precise, and evenly applied tension stimulates the growth of the shortened tissue and increases joint mobility. Treatment of contracture can be done in either flexion or extension, based on patient needs.

Torque output in flexion or extension by simply flipping the spring. Range of Motion +120° to -120°. Adjustable flexion and extension stops: Small in 14° increments, Regular in 12° increments. Locking and unlocking possible in virtually any position. Torque Output; from 0 Nm to 3.4 Nm (30 in-lb) for size Small, 0 Nm to 10.2 Nm (90 in-lb) for size Regular. Medial and lateral access to set screw for torque output adjustments.

Recommended Range Of Application

Neurological Indications: Apoplexia (CVA), Cerebral Paresis, Multiple Sclerosis, Skull and Brain Trauma, Spastic Paralysis (Hereditary), Spina Bifida, Spinal Paralysis (Spastic), Tetraparesis (Spastic). Orthopedic Indications: Ligament Rupture, Burns, Endoprosthesis Implant, Fracture, Lower Leg Amputation.


Ankylosis, Deformation of Muscles and Bones, Fibrosis, Ossification

Item No. Product description Size
691520000 MultiMotion Modular Medium
691400000 MultiMotion Modular Large
691590000 MultiMotion T-Bar, 12mm Offset Medium
691470000 MultiMotion T-Bar, 12mm Offset Large
691490000 MultiMotion Integrated Uprights Medium
691480000 MultiMotion Integrated Uprights Large
691510000 MultiMotion Integrated T-Bar, 12mm Offset Medium
691500000 MultiMotion Integrated T-Bar, 12mm Offset Large
MultiMotion Fabrication Play video
MultiMotion Fabrication
Basko Healthcare | MultiMotion - Actine / Myosine Play video
Basko Healthcare | MultiMotion - Actine / Myosine

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