Dynamic Hip Abduction System

The Dynamic Hip Abduction System is assembled to individually made KAFO shells and features an infinitely adjustable rotation setting. This allows the leg to be positioned in a physiologically correct manner. The adductors are elongated by the gradually applied tension which stimulates the growth of the shortened tissue and increases joint mobility.

Recommended Range Of Application:

The Dynamic Hip Abduction System is designed to manage Spastic Diplegia, Spastic Tetraplegia, Spastic Triplegia, or Congenital Subluxation of the hip joint.


Features infinitely adjustable abduction force, adjustable flexion and extension stops, infinitely adjustable rotation (-40° to +40°), and quick release for leg shells for easy donning and doffing.

The Dynamic Hip Abduction System is always assembled by two orthotic components - the corrective system joint and the abduction bars – and combined with the KEVO leg shells, they represent the complete hip abduction orthosis.

Both orthotic components are available in sizes medium and large and must be ordered separately.

Item No. Product description Size
691400000 MultiMotion Dynamic Corrective Joint Large, 16mm
691520000 MultiMotion Dynamic Corrective Joint Medium, 12mm
697200000 MultiMotion Dynamic Hip Abduction Uprights, Set of 2 Large
697210000 MultiMotion Dynamic Hip Abduction Uprights, Set of 2 Medium
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