Dynamic Hip Abduction System

The Hip Abduction System consists of two components; The MultiMotion Corrective Joint and the Abduction Bars. These two components are mounted to a custom fabricated orthosis.

For safe treatment of correctable pediatric hip contractures. Positions the childs leg in an optimal position and stabilizes the hip joint. Adductors are stretched by slow elongation. Can be locked and un-locked in desired position. Adjustable flexion and extension stops; Small 14° intervals, Regular 12° intervals.

Recommended Range Of Application:

The Dynamic Hip Abduction System is designed to manage Spastic Diplegia, Spastic Tetraplegia, Spastic Triplegia, or Congenital Subluxation of the hip joint.

Item No. Product description Size
697200000 MultiMotion Dynamic Hip Abduction Uprights, Set of 2 Regular
697210000 MultiMotion Dynamic Hip Abduction Uprights, Set of 2 Small
Contracture Management Introduction Play video
Contracture Management Introduction
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MultiMotion Fabrication