iFIT Transtibial Prosthesis

Today’s prosthetics from iFIT —Immediate Fit, Innovative Technology— gives prosthetists a new option for their patients. Our unique adjustable design affords one session fittings for persons with limb loss…getting them back to their adventures quickly, safely, comfortably and affordably.

Our new transtibial devices from iFIT Prosthetics® offer adjustability and customization that easily accommodates limb volume changes. Made of injection molded, advanced polymer materials, it can be mass-produced cost effectively, benefiting those with insurance concerns and providing an affordable option for patients to get a secondary device.

Adjusts easily with hand tools. Socket can be adjusted by practitioner as patient loses volume. Buckle system allows for fine adjustments by patient for daily limb fluctuations. Compatible with many commercially made feet and pylons.

**Transtibial devices are available in purple/blue, orange, and white for an additional charge. To select a color for your transtibial prosthetic device, first select the device that fits your needs, then select item number 475330000 and specify the color you’ve chosen when placing your order.**

Recommended Range Of Application:

Ideal as a preparatory prosthesis for the first year following amputation. Perfect solution for patients with kidney or heart disease that experience daily volume changes


Do not use:
In patients with skin breakdown, in patients whose residual limb skin is not fully healed, as an immediate prosthesis system after amputation surgery, unless used with the IPOP add-on kit, with patients who lack protective sensation, with running or other aggressive sports activities


Distal Circumference measured of skin (or with liner)
Length is base of patella to end of residuum
Measure length of stump from distal end of patella to end of stump
Please round up for circumferences that are in between. Sizing will depend on compressibility of patient tissue.

Item No. Product description Side Size Measure Length
475171000 Transtibial prosthetic device Left Standard 25-34cm (27-36cm w/ liner) 14-20cm
475172000 Transtibial prosthetic device Right Standard 25-34cm (27-36cm w/ liner) 14-20cm
475181000 Transtibial prosthetic device Left Wide 33-39cm (35-40cm w/ liner) 14-20cm
475182000 Transtibial prosthetic device Right Wide 33-39cm (35-40cm w/ liner) 14-20cm
475191000 Transtibial prosthetic device Left Tall 24-34cm (27-36cm w/ liner) 20-26cm
475192000 Transtibial prosthetic device Right Tall 24-34cm (27-36cm w/ liner) 20-26cm
475201000 Transtibial prosthetic device Left X-Wide 38-46cm (41-50cm w/ liner) 14-20cm
475202000 Transtibial prosthetic device Right X-Wide 38-46cm (41-50cm w/ liner) 14-20cm
475310000 Transtibial prosthetic device Right Narrow 20-28cm (25-30cm w/ liner) 14-20cm
475320000 Transtibial prosthetic device Right Ultra-Wide 45-60cm (46-62cm w/ liner) 14-20cm
475330000 Custom Color, Upcharge, Contact Cust Svc n/a n/a n/a n/a
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