Vission™ Clavicle Splint

Our Vission™ Clavicle Splint offers comfortable support to the injured or post-operative clavicle. The splint can also be used to improve posture.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Clavicle fractures, grade II & III acromioclavicular separations, osteolysis of the clavicle, AC degenerative joint pain, mechanical cervical disease, postural dysfunction, sternoclavicular dislocations.


Extra padding where straps join at center back. Fabric integrated D-rings eliminate strap twisting. Figure 8 design. Step down a size to limit patient adjustment. Soft foam laminated material.

Item No. Product description Type Size
202130 Vission™ Clavicle Splint Children Small
202140 Vission™ Clavicle Splint Youth/Small Adults Medium
202150 Vission™ Clavicle Splint Adults Large
202160 Vission™ Clavicle Splint Large Adults X-Large