Assessment 6-Paks

Allard’s AFO Not-For-Resale Assessment Kits are for the PT Clinic or O&P Office that wants to quickly and easily assess your patients’ foot drop condition. Assessment Kits include sizes Small, Medium, and Large in Left and Right with SoftKITs attached. The Allard AFOs are boldly labeled “Not-For-Resale” and comes in an easy to carry bag for in-clinic use. We recommend the first assessment be done in parallel bars.

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Item No.Product description
289310000ToeOFF® 2.0 Not-For-Resale
288820000Ypsilon® Flow ½ Not-For-Resale
289450000BlueROCKER® 2.0 Not-For-Resale
283810000KiddieGAIT® Not-For-Resale, Baby Sizes
289070000KiddieGAIT® Not-For-Resale
289110000KiddieROCKER® Not-For-Resale
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