Allard Partial Foot Prosthesis

Challenges secondary to PFAs include the loss of propulsion, callus formation, acquired limb length loss, and loss of the propulsive lever arm leading to compensatory mechanisms in the trunk. Allard AFOs provide the superstructure for a custom partial foot prosthesis that will help restore propulsion and help eliminate callus formation by restoring the propulsive lever arm. Proximal compensatory mechanisms are minimized, and gait becomes more natural and fluid.

Along with a custom socket and filler prosthesis, the Allard BlueROCKER® 2 ½ is the recommended tibial tubercle-height component for all PFAs proximal to and including great toe amputations. This design has been shown to manage shearing and minimize callus formation while helping to restore limb length and propulsion. For lesser toe amputations and a minimal risk of callus formation but an unstable ankle, the ToeOFF® 2 ½ with toe fillers may be a better option. For lesser toe amputations and a stable ankle, a composite footplate with toe fillers is usually the best option.

Our SmartFAB Facility uses the latest materials and techniques to design and fabricate a partial foot prosthesis that will help preserve the residual foot by minimizing the destructive forces of friction, shearing, and pressure. At the same time, the device will help restore limb length and augment propulsive forces to minimize proximal compensations.


Allard offers two online CEU courses on the subject of Partial Foot

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474820002 Partial Foot Assembly Universal

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