T-Strap pulls the talocrural and subtalar joints laterally to position them back underneath the tibia. Quick and easy to apply: Distal end attaches to bottom of ToeOFF® footplate – proximal “T” wraps around ankle and attaches to an Allard AFO lateral strut. Easily adjusted to customize to height of the patient’s medial malleolus. Plastazote inner core may be gently heated with dry heat to improve shape and fit. Soft, breathable, yet supportive outer fabric.

IMPORTANT: T-Strap is intended only for use in conjunction with an Allard AFO and a custom orthotic appropriate to meet the patient's foot positioning requirements. Use of T-Strap without a foot orthotic will increase stress on the lateral strut of the ToeOFF® product.

Recommended Range Of Application

Severe pes valgus that cannot be controlled from ground up with foot orthotics.


Edema, impaired circulation, skin maceration, or other conditions that may be further injured by compression.

Item No. Color Product description Side Size L/R
287771000 Svart T-Strap Left One Size Vänster
287772000 Svart T-Strap Right One Size Höger
T-Strap Instruction Video Play video
T-Strap Instruction Video

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