ToeOFF® is the original carbon composite dynamic response floor reaction ankle foot orthosis. This is the standard foot drop product that is suitable for many different indications and patient groups. It not only keeps the foot up during swing phase, it also gives a soft heel strike, stability in stance and good toe-off. The ToeOFF® should always be worn with a soft interface between the leg and the anterior shell.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Foot drop in combination with no spasticity to moderate spasticity. Limb proprioception deficit and mild proximal deficit. Partial foot amputations.


Severe edema, leg ulcers, moderate to severe spasticity.


SoftKIT™ or ComfortKIT™ interfaces sold separately. More information about product selection and customization can be found in Allard AFO Professional Instructions.

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Item No.Product description SideSizeHeightFootplate Length
283751010ToeOFF® StandardLeftXSmall14"8 1/4"
283751011ToeOFF® StandardLeftSmall15"9"
283751012ToeOFF® StandardLeftMedium16"9 5/8"
283751013ToeOFF® StandardLeftLarge17"10 5/8"
283751014ToeOFF® StandardLeftXLarge17"11 1/4"
283752010ToeOFF® StandardRightXSmall14"8 1/4"
283752011ToeOFF® StandardRightSmall15"9"
283752012ToeOFF® StandardRightMedium16"9 5/8"
283752013ToeOFF® StandardRightLarge17"10 5/8"
283752014ToeOFF® StandardRightXLarge17"11 1/4"
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