ComfortKIT™ is our premium interface for ToeOFF® and BlueROCKER®(Also available in 2.0 models). Made with memory foam, it is designed for the patient that requires added cushioning and a more intimate fit due to the shape of the tibia, skin condition or activity level. The kit includes pre-cut pressure-sensitive MikroFIX tabs to easily affix the pad to the brace. An extra pad is included so one can be worn while the other is laundered.

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Item No.Product description Size
287510010ComfortKIT™ for ToeOFF® 2.0 & BlueROCKER® 2.0XSmall
287510011ComfortKIT™ for ToeOFF® 2.0 & BlueROCKER® 2.0Small
287510012ComfortKIT™ for ToeOFF® 2.0 & BlueROCKER® 2.0Medium
287510013ComfortKIT™ for ToeOFF® 2.0 & BlueROCKER® 2.0Large
287510014ComfortKIT™ for ToeOFF® 2.0 & BlueROCKER® 2.0XLarge
283980010ComfortKIT™ for ToeOFF® & BlueROCKER®XSmall
283980011ComfortKIT™ for ToeOFF® & BlueROCKER®Small
283980012ComfortKIT™ for ToeOFF® & BlueROCKER®Medium
283980013ComfortKIT™ for ToeOFF® & BlueROCKER®Large/XLarge
284180011ComfortKIT™ for KiddieGAIT® & KiddieROCKER®Small
284180012ComfortKIT™ for KiddieGAIT® & KiddieROCKER®Medium
284180013ComfortKIT™ for KiddieGAIT® & KiddieROCKER®Large
284180014ComfortKIT™ for KiddieGAIT® & KiddieROCKER®XLarge
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