COMBO™ Hyperextension KAFO

Dynamic Low Profile, Lightweight, Functional Orthotic Solution for the management of genu recurvatum or chronic knee instability, accompanied with footdrop. Low profile and lightweight – a KAFO your patients will wear! Uprights easily shaped and adjusted to optimum height for patient. Modular components allow you to accommodate variances in thigh and calf circumference. Easy to don and doff. Easily removed when wearer is relaxing (watching TV, etc.)

Recommended Range Of Application:

WARNING: Weight Limit - 330 pounds - Height Limit - 6’ 6”


See COMBO Brochure for Sizing Assistance


Use of COMBO™ with any product other than ToeOFF® or BlueROCKER™ is prohibited.

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Item No.Product description SideSize
287800000COMBO™ Joints with UprightsBilateralOne Size
287840011COMBO™ Tibia ConnectorBilateralSmall
287840012COMBO™ Tibia ConnectorBilateralMedium
287840013COMBO™ Tibia ConnectorBilateralLarge/XLarge
287820011COMBO™ Knee Control Component w/Popliteal InterfaceBilateralSmall
287820012COMBO™ Knee Control Component w/Popliteal InterfaceBilateralMedium
287820013COMBO™ Knee Control Component w/Popliteal InterfaceBilateralLarge
287811011COMBO™ Thigh CuffLeftSmall
287811012COMBO™ Thigh CuffLeftMedium
287811013COMBO™ Thigh CuffLeftLarge
287811014COMBO™ Thigh CuffLeftXLarge
287812011COMBO™ Thigh CuffRightSmall
287812012COMBO™ Thigh CuffRightMedium
287812013COMBO™ Thigh CuffRightLarge
287812014COMBO™ Thigh CuffRightXLarge
287830011COMBO™ Thigh Cuff SoftKITBilateralSmall
287830012COMBO™ Thigh Cuff SoftKITBilateralMedium
287830013COMBO™ Thigh Cuff SoftKITBilateralLarge
287830014COMBO™ Thigh Cuff SoftKITBilateralXLarge
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