CHECK™ Comfortable Hyper-Extension Control Knee

Soft upper and lower suspension sleeves and popliteal interface combine with adjustable straps to hold the frame in position as the straps are adjusted to provide a “stop” to control ability of the knee to hyper-extend.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Genu recurvatum, unstable knee caused by laxity of the ligaments, mild valgus instability, mild varus instability, neurologic function impairment (post C.V.A.).


Not intended for sports activities


Posterior upright connection bar adjusts to fit knee widths from 3 ½” to 5 ¼”

Item No. Product description Measure Length
286520000 CHECK™ Stainless Steel 3½" - 5¼" 18"
286510000 Replacement Interface N/A N/A
286530000 D-Ring Set of 4 N/A N/A