SWASH® STEADY & GO Components

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Item No.Product description SizeUnit/Pack
288570001SWASH STEADY Pelvic Padding11 Set
288570002SWASH STEADY Pelvic Padding21 Set
288570003SWASH STEADY Pelvic Padding31 Set
288570004SWASH STEADY Pelvic Padding41 Set
288580001SWASH GO Pelvic Padding11 Set
288580002SWASH GO Pelvic Padding21 Set
288580003SWASH GO Pelvic Padding31 Set
288580004SWASH GO Pelvic Padding41 Set
288580005SWASH GO Pelvic Padding51 Set
288580006SWASH GO Pelvic Padding61 Set
288590001SWASH STEADY & GO Thigh Cuff Pad11 Pair
288590002SWASH STEADY & GO Thigh Cuff Pad21 Pair
288590003SWASH STEADY & GO Thigh Cuff Pad31 Pair
288590004SWASH STEADY & GO Thigh Cuff Pad41 Pair
288590005SWASH STEADY & GO Thigh Cuff Pad51 Pair
288590006SWASH STEADY & GO Thigh Cuff Pad61 Pair
288600001SWASH STEADY & GO Abdominal Pad11
288600002SWASH STEADY & GO Abdominal Pad21
288600003SWASH STEADY & GO Abdominal Pad31
288600004SWASH STEADY & GO Abdominal Pad41
288600005SWASH STEADY & GO Abdominal Pad51
288600006SWASH STEADY & GO Abdominal Pad61
288610601SWASH STEADY Screws Set11 Set
288610800SWASH STEADY & GO Screws Set1-6 Go, 2-6 Steady1 Set
288620601SWASH STEADY Clamp Ring w/ Screw for Size 111
288620801SWASH STEADY & Go Clamp Ring w/ Screw1-6 Go, 2-6 Steady1
288630601SWASH STEADY Boss Cover Set12
288640601SWASH STEADY Rubber Stoppers12
288640800SWASH STEADY & GO Rubber Stoppers1-6 Go, 2-6 Steady10
288650000SWASH STEADY Brass Bushing110
288660601SWASH STEADY Hip Joint Set11 Set
288660800SWASH STEADY Hip Joint Set2-41 Set
288670800SWASH GO Hip Joint SetOne Size1 Set
288680000SWASH STEADY & GO Allen KeysOne Size1 Set
288690025SWASH STEADY & GO Buckle 25mm1-31
288690038SWASH STEADY & GO Buckle 38mm4-61
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