SoftSHELL™ is a padding system that combines the SoftKIT™ interface with a lycra textile front to form a sleeve that slides over the anterior plate and a matching cover for the lower strut. This two-in-one padding system is available in two color options, Beige and Brown. SoftKIT™ is included.

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Item No.ColorProduct description Size
283930010BeigeSoftSHELL™ for ToeOFF® & BlueROCKER®XSmall
283930011BeigeSoftSHELL™ for ToeOFF® & BlueROCKER®Small
283930012BeigeSoftSHELL™ for ToeOFF® & BlueROCKER®Medium
283930013BeigeSoftSHELL™ for ToeOFF® & BlueROCKER®Large
283940010BrownSoftSHELL™ for ToeOFF® & BlueROCKER®XSmall
283940011BrownSoftSHELL™ for ToeOFF® & BlueROCKER®Small
283940012BrownSoftSHELL™ for ToeOFF® & BlueROCKER®Medium
283940013BrownSoftSHELL™ for ToeOFF® & BlueROCKER®Large
283880008BlueSoftSHELL™ for KiddieGAIT® BabyBabySmall
283880009BlueSoftSHELL™ for KiddieGAIT® BabyBabyMedium
283880010BlueSoftSHELL™ for KiddieGAIT® BabyBabyLarge
283890008PinkSoftSHELL™ for KiddieGAIT® BabyBabySmall
283890009PinkSoftSHELL™ for KiddieGAIT® BabyBabyMedium
283890010PinkSoftSHELL™ for KiddieGAIT® BabyBabyLarge
283590011Skull DesignSoftSHELL™ for KiddieGAIT® & KiddieROCKER®Small
283590012Skull DesignSoftSHELL™ for KiddieGAIT® & KiddieROCKER®Medium
283590013Skull DesignSoftSHELL™ for KiddieGAIT® & KiddieROCKER®Large
283590014Skull DesignSoftSHELL™ for KiddieGAIT® & KiddieROCKER®XLarge
283580011Pink HeartsSoftSHELL™ for KiddieGAIT® & KiddieROCKER®Small
283580012Pink HeartsSoftSHELL™ for KiddieGAIT® & KiddieROCKER®Medium
283580013Pink HeartsSoftSHELL™ for KiddieGAIT® & KiddieROCKER®Large
283580014Pink HeartsSoftSHELL™ for KiddieGAIT® & KiddieROCKER®XLarge
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