CHECK™ Comfortable Hyper-Extension Control Knee

Soft upper and lower suspension sleeves and popliteal interface combine with adjustable straps to hold the frame in position as the straps are adjusted to provide a “stop” to control ability of the knee to hyper-extend.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Genu recurvatum - Unstable knee caused by laxity of the ligaments - Mild valgus instability - Mild varus instability - Neurologic function impairment (post C.V.A.)


Not suitable for sports activities


Posterior upright connection bar adjusts to fit knee widths from 3 ½” to 5 ¼”

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Item No.Product description MeasureLength
286520000CHECK™ Stainless Steel3 1/2" - 5 1/4"18"
286510000Replacement InterfaceN/AN/A
286530000D-Ring Set of 4N/AN/A
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