iFIT Transfemoral Prosthesis

Introducing our new, adjustable low profile transfemoral device. Another tool to help those with limb loss. iFIT transfemoral sockets have unique advantages for fitting persons with transfemoral limb loss including lower cost, adjustability, consistency of quality in manufacturing, and the immediacy of fit that speeds the rehabilitation process.

Fit in a single visit using just hand tools, the iFIT prosthesis limits the number of visits needed to get immuno-compromised patients mobilized faster. The system can easily accommodate highly compressible thigh tissue for total contact — ideal as a preparatory prosthesis for any individual that desires greater adjustability.

A specially designed light weight offset offers rotation and various degrees of flexion of the socket to facilitate the alignment process. The socket opens up to allow for easy donning and doffing, while the buckle system allows a for a snug fit that can be adjusted any time to accommodate volume fluctuations. Patients can adjust their fit any time without using socks — no extra visits for adjustments.


Measure 1: Distal Circumference
Measure 2: Proximal Circumference
These measurements are taken while the patient is wearing a 3mm liner.

Item No. Product description Side Size Measure 1 Measure 2
475341000 Transfemoral Prosthetic Device Left Standard 30 – 44 cm 36 – 50 cm
475342000 Transfemoral Prosthetic Device Right Standard 30 – 44 cm 36 – 50 cm
475351000 Transfemoral Prosthetic Device Left Wide 43 – 60 cm 50 – 65cm
475352000 Transfemoral Prosthetic Device Right Wide 43 – 60 cm 50 – 65cm