Vission™ Patella Trac

Our Vission™ Patella Trac utilizes dynamic straps and a crescent-shaped foam buttress to “pull” and stabilize the subluxing patella into a pain relieving anatomical position.

Recommended Range Of Application

Medial or lateral patella instability, subluxation, chondromalacia, or
misalignments of the patella, anterior knee pain.


Measurement: Knee circumference


Crescent-shaped patella buttress comfortably contours the patella. Dynamic traction straps position and stabilize the patella. Position buttress to either the medial or lateral side. Open, pressure-free popliteal area. Soft, comfortable lining.

Item No. Product description Size Measure
435720 Vission™ Patella Trac S/M below 15.75"
435730 Vission™ Patella Trac L/XL above 15.75"

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