Vission™ Stretch-UP

Vission™ Stretch-UP is designed to stretch the plantar fascia, in an active and controlled way, so it heals in a stretched position at night. When properly applied, the sock will hold the forefoot and ankle joints in a slight upward flexion, thereby preventing the plantar fascia from retracting and healing in a contracted position. In the morning, the plantar fascia is at its maximum stretch which reduces or eliminates the sharp pain that often occurs during the first steps.

Recommended Range Of Application:

This product is intended for treatment of Plantar Fasciitis. The sock should be used during night or at rest at any other time. This support is only intended for one person use.


Circulation problems, open wounds on lower leg or foot, diabetes, skin problems, or during pregnancy. Severe edema, severe swelling. Should not be used directly after any kind of surgery in leg or foot.

Item No. Product description Size Calf circumference
341080011 Vission™ Stretch-UP Small Less than 7 ¾"
341080012 Vission™ Stretch-UP Medium 7 ¾" - 15 ¾"
341080013 Vission™ Stretch-UP Large Greater than 15 ¾"