Trent's Journey with Cavernous Malformation

4 April 2023

Trent Clayton and his family are pictured here at the “Eloquent” Documentary premiere, in which he appeared with his mother Darla.

“Eloquent” documents Trent’s journey with a rare disease called Cavernous Malformation, which he shares with Darla, as well as the stories of other families dealing with the same disease. Darla explains that the genetic cavernous malformations that Trent has cause vascular tumors in the brain and spinal cord. As a result of these, Trent also has cerebral palsy.

Trent has foot drop and has been using an Allard AFO for years. Currently, he uses a ToeOFF® FLOW. His mom Darla tells us that it has given him the freedom to do some amazing things and not worry about tripping while he’s out on his adventures.

You can read more about Trent in a blog post written by Darla here:

The Eloquent documentary is linked at the bottom of the post.