Managing Partial Foot Amputations Using Allard AFOs

13 Apr 2022

The incidence of Partial Foot Amputations (PFA) is growing associated with the increased incidence of obesity and diabetes.

Data in a 2015 study expects tripling of Partial Foot Amputations by 2050.

Management of these amputations can be challenging because some interventions may do more harm than good. Uncover the biomechanics of the amputated foot and learn intervention techniques that serve to preserve the residual foot while helping to restore functional gait.

Allard USA’s BlueROCKER® AFO can:
•Preserve the limb
•Restore Gait
•Provide Propulsion with Proximal Stability

You can read an independent literature review on Prosthetic Interventions for Partial Foot Amputations authored by Robert Meier in the April issue of Podiatry Management here: Podiatry Management Online

Then download your copy of Allard’s Partial Foot Illustrative Guide: A100 - Partial_Foot_Illustrative Guide