Heather Collins

23 October 2020


“I will never forget when my orthotist had me try on Allard Toe-Offs. He told me to take a walk around and then asked me how it felt. It was shocking to me how much better I could walk. With a progressive neuromuscular disease, you gradually yet progressively lose the ability to do things. It was no longer safe for me to walk, I was falling so much. I stopped purchasing certain products that I needed in the grocery store simply to avoid walking to the other end of the store. It was too tiring to walk. With my Allard AFOs, I now feel more confident and safe when walking. I am able to walk faster without worrying that I’ll fall or trip any second. It’s not as tiring to walk. It’s life changing for me to be able to have some ability to walk when I’ve lost so much function.”

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