Happy 25th Jubilee!

15 March 2022

"Allard, you have helped me travel the world. Thank you! Happy 25th Jubilee!" - TeamUP Co-Captain Jill Walsh

"In 2004 my life took a drastic turn and I needed an 8-hour surgery to fix my spine. After 6 months I had mostly recovered but I never regained full feeling or function in my left lower leg, ankle and foot. For 2 years I tried every brace and procedure I could find to help me get back to the active life I once had but I could find nothing that really worked well. Those 2 years were the darkest of my life. Then I found Carol Hiemstra-Paez and Allard's ToeOFF® brace - and my life took another incredible turn. Since then I have never looked back, and never stopped depending on Allard's technology and support. This year marks the 25th year for ToeOFF® so please join me in wishing the company a very happy "25th Jubilee"! Thank you to everyone at Allard USA and CAMP Scandinavia for helping me get back up, thank you forgiving me wings." - TeamUP Captain Beth Deloria

"For 3 years I searched for something that would help me continue to be the active person I was before cancer changed my life! I just want to thank Allard USA for creating something that has been life changing for me for the last 11 years! Because of the ToeOFF and BlueROCKER AFO's I've been able to live life to the fullest despite my disability! Happy 25th Jubilee!" - TeamUP Co-captain Jamie Whitmore

"For the past 10 years my Allard AFO has helped me run, jump, compete and explore across the United States! Thanks Allard for all you do to keep us moving! Happy 25th Jubilee!" - TeamUP Co-captain Trent Clayton

"7 1/2 years of my Allard AFO holding me up... literally!! Happy 25 Year Jubilee, Allard!" - TeamUP Co-captain Becky Piper

"Not long ago, I was struggling with the possibility of giving up some things I love to do as a result of adult complications from congenital clubfoot. I reached out to my sports ortho doctor and the people at Allard. That one email to Allard turned into a life changing experience. Thanks to the genuine interest and expertise from Allard, I am back and doing life and athetics better than ever! My BlueROCKER 2 1/2 AFO....aka Carbon Elektra...are rockin life! Happy 25th jubilee Allard!" - TeamUP Co-captain Erik Olson

"In the past 13 years, well, just shy of 13, my Allard AFO has taken me to many places. From Budapest to Maui and all over North America, this device has provided me with Support For Better Life. Thank you, Allard, for making the first ToeOFF, 25 years ago. Happy 25th jubilee." TeamUP Co-captain, Darren Smith