"Every Step Beats MS"

21 Dec 2022

"Every Step Beats MS." That is Gene's mantra.

Gene was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2009. Prior to that, he was very active, competing in events such as Ironman. In fact, it was during Florida Ironman in Panama City that he experienced his first symptom.

Since then Gene has put his energy and focus into cycling, both to stay active but also to inspire others. He currently rides for the Can Do MS team.

He has also learned to adapt. It wasn't until this year, that he finally tried an AFO. "One example of having to adapt was losing my ability to run because of the onset of footdrop that often affects people who have MS. I finally tried an ankle-foot-orthosis (AFO) to help improve my stability, and since 2022 the Toe Off® AFO has been helping my walking so much that I may be able to try running a bit."

Read his full story here: https://allard.re/Gene-Caffrey