MikroFIX™ Kits

MikroFIX™ Kits are precut shapes used to adhere the SoftKIT™ or ComfortKIT™ to the Allard AFO. They include pressure-sensitive backing for easy application. Intended as replacements for the originals supplied with SoftKIT™ and ComfortKIT™.MikroFIX™ rolls are the same ultra thin high strength hook material that is used to adhere the SoftKit to Allard AFO. Pressure-sensitive backing for quick, easy application. Use to replace MikroFIX™ on Allard AFOs or any other orthosis fabrication when hook is required.

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Item No.ColorProduct description Size
283960011BlackMikroFIX™ Kit for ToeOFF® / BlueRocker®XSmall/Small
283960013BlackMikroFIX™ Kit for ToeOFF® / BlueRocker®Medium/Large/XLarge
283790011BlackMikroFIX™ Kit for KiddieGAIT® / KiddieROCKER®Small
283790012BlackMikroFIX™ Kit for KiddieGAIT® / KiddieROCKER®Medium
283790013BlackMikroFIX™ Kit for KiddieGAIT® / KiddieROCKER®Large/XLarge
250400000WhiteMikroFIX™ Hook Roll, Self-adhesive2” x 27 yd
250410000BlackMikroFIX™ Hook Roll, Self-adhesive2” x 27 yd
287520011BlackMikroFIX™ Drops for ToeOFF® 2.0XSmall/Small
287520013BlackMikroFIX™ Drops for ToeOFF® 2.0Medium/Large/XLarge
287540000BlackMikroFIX™ Wings for ToeOFF® 2.0 (Set of 4)One Size
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