BlueROCKER® 2.0

All foot drop 2.0 Allard AFOs come with a Starter Interface Kit which includes one Starter SoftKIT and two Tibia Pads!You love the ToeOFF® 2.0, so upon your request, the same benefits are now in BlueROCKER® 2.0! With more gently contoured "wings", pre-attached MikroFIX, straps with alligator tabs and D-Rings, and more, we are sure you will love our 2.0 models.BlueROCKER® is identical in shape and design as ToeOFF® but offers more rigid orthotic control. Developed primarily for bilateral foot drop patients and those with more involved pathologies. The extra stability will improve both balance and posture and give the wearer greater security, especially individuals with weak quadricep muscles. Usually the preferred orthosis to be used in conjunction with a socket and toe filler for management of partial foot amputations.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Foot drop in combination with no spasticity to severe spasticity. Weakness or impairment in multiple leg muscle groups, impaired balance, limb proprioception, and partial foot amputations.


Severe edema, leg ulcers.


SoftKIT™, ComfortKIT™ and GliderKIT™ interfaces are sold separately. More about product selection and customization can be found in the Allard AFO Professional Instructions.

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Item No.Product description SideSize
289421010BlueROCKER® 2.0 with D-RingsLeftXSmall
289421011BlueROCKER® 2.0 with D-RingsLeftSmall
289421012BlueROCKER® 2.0 with D-RingsLeftMedium
289421013BlueROCKER® 2.0 with D-RingsLeftLarge
289421014BlueROCKER® 2.0 with D-RingsLeftXLarge
289422010BlueROCKER® 2.0 with D-RingsRightXSmall
289422011BlueROCKER® 2.0 with D-RingsRightSmall
289422012BlueROCKER® 2.0 with D-RingsRightMedium
289422013BlueROCKER® 2.0 with D-RingsRightLarge
289422014BlueROCKER® 2.0 with D-RingsRightXLarge
289401010BlueROCKER® 2.0 w/o D-RingsLeftXSmall
289401011BlueROCKER® 2.0 w/o D-RingsLeftSmall
289401012BlueROCKER® 2.0 w/o D-RingsLeftMedium
289401013BlueROCKER® 2.0 w/o D-RingsLeftLarge
289401014BlueROCKER® 2.0 w/o D-RingsLeftXLarge
289402010BlueROCKER® 2.0 w/o D-RingsRightXSmall
289402011BlueROCKER® 2.0 w/o D-RingsRightSmall
289402012BlueROCKER® 2.0 w/o D-RingsRightMedium
289402013BlueROCKER® 2.0 w/o D-RingsRightLarge
289402014BlueROCKER® 2.0 w/o D-RingsRightXLarge
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