Allard USA and Camp Scandinavia are fully owned subsidiaries of Allard Support for Better Life AB, based in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Camp Scandinavia is a well established manufacturer and supplier to the O&P industry, started in 1954 by the Winberg family. Camp International purchased the company in 1982, but then in 1996 Bertil Allard acquired ownership of Camp Scandinavia.

It is once again a family owned company, owned by Peter Allard. With a total of 50+ years in O&P, CAMP Scandinavia is committed to development of products in response to combined patient and O&P needs.

This commitment has been and will continue to be the foundation for development and ownership of truly innovative products to provide people with disabilities opportunity to function better and improve quality of life- Products such as ToeOFF®, Ypsilon, BlueRocker, CHECK™, Kid-Dee-Lite, 3D-Lite, others and many more to come!

Allard USA shares the parent company's focus to be a "partner" for O&P, offering educational programs, training, and marketing support to help O&P facilities increase their referrals. The corporation takes pride in continuous R&D for new products, on-time delivery, and dedicated and caring management and employees.

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