Peter Allard

What Drives me as an Entrepreneur
and us as a Company

By Peter Allard, President & CEO of the Allard Group of Companies

It is always difficult describing what the driving force of the company is in just a few sentences. We at CAMP are so ingrained with our mission that it has become common sense to us, but to briefly explain our purpose and goals to those outside the company is not easy.

I used to find it difficult to explain our company's driving force to others, until one morning it hit me what it is that makes us, our company, and the products we develop, produce, and sell special. Every morning, I prepare my breakfast; 2 scrambled eggs with sun-dried tomatoes. The same meal whether I'm getting up at the crack of dawn or sleeping in, at home, or staying in a hotel (if offered). I can therefore say that the sun-dried tomatoes are important for me because it's part of my routine and the meal that gives me the most enjoyment. But can the availability of sun-dried tomatoes change a person's life? The answer is no. What we do know with certainty, after receiving thousands of emails, telephone calls and personal meetings, is that the products we have produced change the lives of individuals around the world.

Take, for example, the 9-year-old boy from Uppsala whose biggest dream was to just go skiing. With the help of our product, he was able to experience his dream come true. Or Jamie Whitmore, who beat cancer and with relentless training & a little help from our product, won the prestigious "Best Female Athlete with Disability" Award at the ESPN ESPY's in 2014. Or it is 78-year-old Jared who danced with his wife for the first time in 20 years after he was given one of our products.

These are just some examples of how something as "simple" as composite materials, plastic, metal and/or textiles and a little innovation can change lives. This is our driving force - change life for the better. We have come a long way but we strive for progress and I cannot see a time when we will be satisfied enough to stop developing and innovating.

We believe in solutions that can transform an individual's life. There is plenty left to do, which is exactly what gives us the momentum to come to work each day, ready to continue to do what we love. None of this would have been possible without every customer and/or partner that share our vision. Namely, pursuing the best possible solution for each individual.

- ”Support for better life”.

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