Allard USA

Allard USA Management Team

Allard USA is a subsidiary of Allard Support for Better Life, a group of companies solely owned by Peter Allard, President, based in Helsingborg, Sweden. The US market, founded in 2006, is based in Rockaway, NJ and employees approximately 50 people.  

In 1997, Allard introduced the first carbon composite AFO with the brand name ToeOFF®, that revolutionized the O&P market for products to manage foot drop. We are committed to developing more carbon composite AFOs with varying degrees of support and dynamic response to meet different individuals’ anatomical, biomechanical, and lifestyle needs.

For over 25 years Allard USA has been committed to working together with Orthotic and Prosthetic facilities and medical professionals throughout North & South America to offer innovative orthotic solutions that will help improve function and quality of life for individuals with disabilities. 

‘Education before Sales’ becomes a guiding mantra for Allard USA through the years and we now offer web-based and virtual continuing education programs, product training, and marketing support to help O&P facilities and medical professionals increase their referrals. The corporation takes pride in its continuous product evolution, on-time delivery, and dedicated management and staff.
Two important segments of Allard USA are the Get Back Up Today Movement and the Dralla Foundation.

Get Back Up Today was founded in 2012 by Beth Deloria as a way for her to find and help others living with foot drop. It has blossomed into a supportive, educational, & inspirational community. By uniting as a team, TeamUP members can shine a light on foot drop, the conditions that lead to it, and fight back against mobility challenges. 

Inspired by the testimonials from the wearers of Allard USA’s orthopedic devices the Dralla Foundation was created by Peter Allard to make unforgettable days possible for adults and children with physical challenges by partnering with non-profit organizations and providing funding to support their events. 

Support for Better Life!