X-LITE® PLUS is our newest material in the X-LITE® range. The material does not contain any form of isocyanates or fiberglass. X-LITE® PLUS has soft polyester fabric on one side. The rolls are available in five different colors and six different widths. X-LITE® PLUS rolls have no separator between the layers and conforms quickly and easily on the patient. X-LITE® PLUS can be used for all kinds of casts and is also popular with Occupational Therapists.

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Item No.ColorWidthLengthRolls/Package
647010000White1in (25mm)2yds (1.8m)5
647030000White3in (75mm)2yds (1.8m)20
647080000White6in (150mm)2yds (1.8m)2
647110000Red1in (25mm)2yds (1.8m)5
647130000Red3in (75mm)2yds (1.8m)20
647180000Red6in (150mm)2yds (1.8m)2
647210000Blue1in (25mm)2yds (1.8m)5
647230000Blue3in (75mm)2yds (1.8m)20
647280000Blue6in (150mm)2yds (1.8m)2
647310000Black1in (25mm)2yds (1.8m)5
647330000Black3in (75mm)2yds (1.8m)20
647380000Black6in (150mm)2yds (1.8m)2
647410000Hot Pink1in (25mm)2yds (1.8m)5
647430000Hot Pink3in (75mm)2yds (1.8m)20
647480000Hot Pink6in (150mm)2yds (1.8m)2
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