A complete SWASH orthosis requires a Pelvic Section, Thigh Cuffs, and Uprights. Please order each item separately.


Measure waist to mid-patella. At final fitting, should be shortened to level of distal thigh cuff padding.


115° = narrow sitting base / 123° = wide sitting base

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Item No.Product description SizeLengthDiameter
288550601SWASH® STEADY 115 Degree Uprights112.25in (310mm)6mm
288550801SWASH® GO 115 Degree Uprights112.25in (310mm)8mm
288550802SWASH® STEADY & GO 115 Degree Uprights214.75in (375mm)8mm
288550803SWASH® STEADY & GO 115 Degree Uprights317.25in (440mm)8mm
288550804SWASH® STEADY & GO 115 Degree Uprights419in (480mm)8mm
288550805SWASH® STEADY & GO 115 Degree Uprights521.25in (540mm)8mm
288550806SWASH® STEADY & GO 115 Degree Uprights623.5in (600mm)8mm
288560601SWASH® STEADY 123 Degree Uprights112.25in (310mm)6mm
288560801SWASH® GO 123 Degree Uprights112.25in (310mm)8mm
288560802SWASH® STEADY & GO 123 Degree Uprights214.75in (375mm)8mm
288560803SWASH® STEADY & GO 123 Degree Uprights317.25in (440mm)8mm
288560804SWASH® STEADY & GO 123 Degree Uprights419in (480mm)8mm
288560805SWASH® STEADY & GO 123 Degree Uprights521.25in (540mm)8mm
288560806SWASH® STEADY & GO 123 Degree Uprights623.5in (600mm)8mm
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