SWASH® STEADY & GO Thigh Cuffs

A complete SWASH orthosis requires a Pelvic Section, Thigh Cuffs, and Uprights. Please order each item separately.


Circumferential measurement at distal thigh, just proximal to the condyles. Ideal is to fit the cuffs as distal as possible without creating pressure or interference in the popliteal area. However, pressure on the thorax, excessive spinal flexion, or discomfort due to hamstring tightness, may be relieved by moving the cuffs up 1 -3 inches.

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Item No.Product description SizeCircumference
288540601SWASH® STEADY Thigh Cuffs18.25in - 9.75in (210mm - 250mm)
288540801SWASH® GO Thigh Cuffs18.25in - 9.75in (210mm - 250mm)
288540802SWASH® STEADY & GO Thigh Cuffs29.75in - 11.5in (250mm - 290mm)
288540803SWASH® STEADY & GO Thigh Cuffs311.5in - 13in (290mm - 330mm)
288540804SWASH® STEADY & GO Thigh Cuffs413in - 15in (330mm - 380mm)
288540805SWASH® STEADY & GO Thigh Cuffs515in - 17.25in (380mm - 440mm)
288540806SWASH® STEADY & GO Thigh Cuffs617.25in - 19.5in (440mm - 500mm)
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