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January 2017 Starbucks Winners!

  • Cole Orthotics, OH
  • Napa Valley P&O, CA
  • InHouse Orthopedics, CA
  • Metro Prosthetics, MD
  • Cornerstone P&O, WA
  • Medical Plaza Miller, NC
  • San Luis Podiatry Group, CA
  • Tillges O &P, MN
  • Capital P&O, OH
  • The Rivers Grosse Pointe, MI

December 2016 Starbucks Winners!

  • Bio-Medic Appliances, VT
  • Orthologix, PA
  • Midwest Orthotics, IN
  • Gulf P&O, TX
  • Center for Prosthetics Orthotics Inc, WA
  • Powell O&P, VA
  • Garden State Orthopedic, NJ
  • Dankmeyer Inc, MD
  • Level 4 O&P, GA
  • COCCO Enterprise, PA

November 2016 Starbucks Winners!

  • UCLA P&O, CA
  • Orthotics West, MA
  • Winkley Orthotics, MN
  • P&O Solutions, MA
  • Cornell O&P, MA
  • Kinetic O&P, TX
  • Virginia Prosthetics, VA
  • Cooks Fabrication, IN
  • Hodgson Orthotics, BC