X-LITE® PLUS is our newest material in the X-LITE® range. The material does not contain any form of isocyanates or fiberglass. X-LITE® PLUS has a soft polyester fabric surface on one side. The rolls are available in five different colors and three different widths. X-LITE® PLUS rolls have no separator between the layers and forms quickly and easily, directly on the patient. X-LITE® PLUS rolls can be used for all kinds of casts and is also popular amongst Occupational Therapists.

Item No. Color Width Length Rolls/Package
647010000 White 1in (2.5cm) 2yds (1.8m) 5
647030000 White 3in (7.5cm) 2yds (1.8m) 20
647080000 White 6in (15cm) 2yds (1.8m) 2
647110000 Red 1in (2.5cm) 2yds (1.8m) 5
647130000 Red 3in (7.5cm) 2yds (1.8m) 20
647180000 Red 6in (15cm) 2yds (1.8m) 2
647210000 Blue 1in (2.5cm) 2yds (1.8m) 5
647230000 Blue 3in (7.5cm) 2yds (1.8m) 20
647280000 Blue 6in (15cm) 2yds (1.8m) 2
647310000 Black 1in (2.5cm) 2yds (1.8m) 5
647330000 Black 3in (7.5cm) 2yds (1.8m) 20
647380000 Black 6in (15cm) 2yds (1.8m) 2
647410000 Hot Pink 1in (2.5cm) 2yds (1.8m) 5
647430000 Hot Pink 3in (7.5cm) 2yds (1.8m) 20
647480000 Hot Pink 6in (15cm) 2yds (1.8m) 2
X-LITE®  Introduction Video Play video
X-LITE® Introduction Video
X-LITE® PLUS Thumb Splint Play video
X-LITE® PLUS Thumb Splint
X-LITE® Thumb Splint w/ piece of PLUS Play video
X-LITE® Thumb Splint w/ piece of PLUS
X-LITE® PLUS: How to Make a Leg Cast Play video
X-LITE® PLUS: How to Make a Leg Cast
X-LITE® PLUS Wrist Cast Play video
X-LITE® PLUS Wrist Cast