SWASH® STEADY Pelvic Section

(Replaces previous SWASH Classic)

Has a polyethylene pelvic section that extends from L2/L3 to distal margin of the sacrum, providing maximum thoracic and pelvic support. Patients with low trunk tone and/or very limited trunk control strength may benefit from the increased posterior and lateral support this design offers.

Recommended Range Of Application:

When maximum trunk control is required, i.e., candidates who lack muscle strength or upper body control to sit upright, when patient is primarily non-ambulatory (GMFCS IV - V), or when the greater pelvic coverage triggers more desirable neuro-sensory motor response.


At level of the natural waist for maximum trunk stability. See "Product Options" below for Sizing Guide.


A complete SWASH orthosis requires a Pelvic Section, Thigh Cuffs, and Uprights. Please order each item separately.

Item No. Product description Size Circumference
288520001 SWASH® STEADY Pelvic Section 1 15.75in - 18.25in (400mm - 465mm)
288520002 SWASH® STEADY Pelvic Section 2 18in - 21.75in (460mm - 550mm)
288520003 SWASH® STEADY Pelvic Section 3 21.25in - 24.75in (540mm - 630mm)
288520004 SWASH® STEADY Pelvic Section 4 24.5in - 28.25in (620mm - 720mm)
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