Prosthetic Management of Partial Foot Amputations

Partial Foot Amputations

The partial foot patient faces a number of issues, including pressure, friction and shearing forces in their residual foot. They also face a lack of propulsion and a significant acquired limb length deficit secondary to their partial foot amputation. This course is the first and only course that teaches how to manage all those patient issues in one comprehensive program to  preserve the residual foot and to restore propulsion during gait.

After taking this course, the practitioner will know:

  • How to identify the post-amputation risk factors in further foot injuries including pressure, friction and shearing forces.
  • How to appreciate the functional impact of loss of the propulsive lever arm and loss of limb length.
  • The framework for providing a comprehensive solution to all those issues in order to help preserve the limb and restore gait function.
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