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August 2017 Starbucks Winners!

  • Skyland Prosthetics & Orthotics, NC
  • North Shore O&P, NY
  • Pacific Medical, CA
  • Artisan Orthotic Prosthetic, OR
  • Travis Freitas Co, CA
  • Hortons Orthotic Lab, AR
  • Gillette Lifetime, MN
  • Perry Prosthetics, Inc, OH
  • Ortho Fit, VA
  • Seacoast Orthotics & Prosthetics, NH

July 2017 Starbucks Winners!

  • Midwest Orthotics, IN
  • Winkley Orthotics, MN
  • Advanced P&O, GA
  • Home Orthopedics, PR
  • Pps Orthotics & Prosthetics, TN
  • Shriners Hospital, TX
  • Crown City Orthopedic, CA
  • Level 4 O&P,GA
  • Rehabilitation Center for Children, CA
  • Advance O&P, GA

 June 2017 Starbucks Winners!

  • Midwest Orthotics, IN
  • Capital P&O, OH
  • Independence P &O, DE
  • Body IN Motion, NJ
  • Reliable P&0, NC
  • San Luis Podiatry Group, CA
  • OrthoPro Service, LLC, GA
  • Capital Orthotics, IN
  • West Side Extremity Specialists, OR
  • Action Orthopedic, CA