ToeOFF 2 1/2  ToeOFF 2 1/2 Camouflage  BlieROCKER 2 1/2

ToeOFF® 2 ½ & BlueROCKER® 2 ½ Available NOW!

You asked, we listened! Now more Allard AFOs with ½ the heel height. The new 2 ½ models include all the other 2.0 features and benefits you love: Choice of wrap-around or D-Ring straps that are easily applied for right or left hand “pull”, shorter, more gently contoured wings, pre-applied MikroFIX, and a Starter SoftKIT™ included.

It is easier to adapt ToeOFF® 2 ½ & BlueROCKER® 2 ½ to shoes with lower heel heights. Because there is a lower curvature in the forefoot there is more space in the shoe toe box.

ToeOFF® 2 ½ Addition models offer three attractive surface options for your fashion-conscious patients, Camouflage, Birch, & Black. The smooth, sleek surface on the Addition models allow pant legs to slide easily over the AFO. The colored surface extends all the way down the strut.

All models (except Addition) are available in convenient Not-For-Resale Kits to use as gait assessment tools and to assist in appropriate product selection prior to fitting with a permanent orthosis. Includes sizes, Small, Medium, and Large in Left and Right.

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