A partnership to offer greater options and support in the lives of individuals with lower limb amputations

Joining forces to offer greater options and support in the lives of individuals with lower limb amputations, Allard USA recently has become the exclusive distributor for iFIT Prosthetics—the world’s first immediate fit, adjustable prosthetic socket—in the US, Canada, Mexico and South America markets. Touting iFIT’s “The Right Fit, Right Now” simplicity and innovation, Dennis Williams, Allard USA CEO, believes this partnership furthers Allard’s continued commitment to be the leading O&P Partner by offering life-changing products, world-class customer service, and education programs.

“We’re excited to expand our portfolio into the prosthetics industry, and to offer this innovative solution for prosthetic sockets that makes lives better,” Williams says. “With Allard USA’s exceptional national salesforce plus strong support from the iFIT team, we’re positioned to partner on a more local level with prosthetists to deliver excellent service and patient outcomes. We’re well-known for our commitment to these populations, so teaming up with iFIT offers yet another opportunity to provide ‘Support for Better Life’ for more individuals.”

To make both patients’ and prosthetists’ lives better and simpler, iFIT founder Dr. Timothy R. Dillingham envisioned a device that could easily adapt to an amputee’s changing residual limb, thereby boosting use and compliance with his adjustable, immediate fit transtibial prosthesis. Joshua Mullins, iFIT VP of Business Development, explains that with the ever-growing amputee population in the US, the iFIT system offers an ideal preparatory or cost-effective secondary device option that’s especially beneficial for those suffering from diabetes, kidney and heart diseases—anyone who deals with fluctuating limb volumes.

“According to a recent study submitted to NCOPE, author Dobson DaVanzo suggested that, by 2025, the number of prosthetic practitioners will drop by 60% to around 13,000, while demand will grow to over 20,000,” Mullins states. “Such a gap affords Allard USA and iFIT the opportunity to step in with a great solution—an immediate fit prosthesis that requires no cast scans or molds, is fit and aligned in a single session, saves time and stress for patients with its full adjustability, reduces overall costs for prosthetists, and boosts quality/cost values across the board.”

Adds Dr. Dillingham, “I’m delighted at the prospect of working with Allard USA—a great company that shares our values and unwavering commitment to excellence. Together, we look forward to making it easier for patients and prosthetists to witness the benefits of iFIT prosthetic devices alongside Allard’s tremendous expertise and service for a truly cutting edge experience in prosthetic science.”

Learn more about Allard and iFIT Prosthetics at www.allardusa.com/ifit-prosthetics and www.ifitprosthetics.com.

Support For Better Life: Adjust Your Expectations with iFIT