ToeOFF Flow 2 1/2Ypsilon Flow 1/2

Allard proudly introduces FLOW, our newest generation of AFOs.  We applied our 20+ years of carbon composite AFO experience and advances in technology to develop a new proprietary formula to meet the functional and comfort needs of even more individuals!  This proprietary formula offers increased ROM in the sagittal plane and smoother transition (flow) throughout the gait cycle.  Footplate is shaped to accommodate gentler contours of shoe insoles and offer more clearance for the forefoot in the shoe toe box.  PLUS, “You asked, we listened”:  both Ypsilon® Flow½ and ToeOFF® Flow 2½ are designed to accommodate lower shoe heel heights! For more information contact Customer Service at 888-678-6548 or Ask for your FREE Allard AFO Product Selection Guide!