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Item No.ModelProduct description Size
288040001SWASH ClassicPelvic Padding1
288040002SWASH ClassicPelvic Padding2
288040003SWASH ClassicPelvic Padding3
288040004SWASH ClassicPelvic Padding4
288050000SWASH ClassicJoint Set (1)2, 3, 4
288050001SWASH ClassicJoint Set (1)1
288060000SWASH ClassicBoss Cover (2)2, 3, 4
288060001SWASH ClassicBoss Cover (2)1
288070000SWASH ClassicClamp Ring for Leg Bars (2)2, 3, 4
288070001SWASH ClassicClamp Ring for Leg Bars (2)1
288080000SWASH ClassicScrew Set2, 3, 4
288080001SWASH ClassicScrew Set1
288090000SWASH ClassicBrass Bushings for Thigh Cuff (10)-
288100001SWASH ClassicSlide Buckle for Waistband1, 2
288100003SWASH ClassicSlide Buckle for Waistband3, 4
288110000SWASH ClassicWaistband Screw SetSet
288120001SWASH ClassicWaistband Webbing w/Snap (1)1, 2
288120003SWASH ClassicWaistband Webbing w/Snap (1)3, 4
288130000SWASH Rubber Stoppers (10)2, 3, 4
288130001SWASH Rubber Stoppers (2)1
288140001SWASH ClassicThigh Cuff Padding (2)1
288140002SWASH ClassicThigh Cuff Padding (2)2
288140003SWASH ClassicThigh Cuff Padding (2)3
288140004SWASH ClassicThigh Cuff Padding (2)4
288150003SWASHChafe w/Buckle, Set-
288200000SWASHAllen Keys-
288360001SWASH LPPelvic Padding1
288360002SWASH LPPelvic Padding2
288360003SWASH LPPelvic Padding3
288360004SWASH LPPelvic Padding4
288360005SWASH LPPelvic Padding5
288360006SWASH LPPelvic Padding6
288430001SWASH LPThigh Cuff Padding (2)1
288430002SWASH LPThigh Cuff Padding (2)2
288430003SWASH LPThigh Cuff Padding (2)3
288430004SWASH LPThigh Cuff Padding (2)4
288430005SWASH LPThigh Cuff Padding (2)5
288430006SWASH LPThigh Cuff Padding (2)6
288440000SWASH LPJoint Set (2)-
288450000SWASH LPScrew Set-
288460001SWASH LPAbdominal Pad1
288460002SWASH LPAbdominal Pad2
288460003SWASH LPAbdominal Pad3
288470004SWASH LPAbdominal Pad4
288470005SWASH LPAbdominal Pad5
288470006SWASH LPAbdominal Pad6
288480000SWASH LPClamp Ring Set-
288490001SWASH LPBuckle with snap for Thigh Cuff (2)1,2
288490003SWASH LPBuckle with snap for Thigh Cuff (2)3,4
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