S.W.A.S.H.® Low Profile

• A hip stabilization and sitting orthosis• Significant benefits for the non-ambulatory child• Can work for neuromuscular disorders other than just CP• Can work for children with severe involvement as well as mild


For more information, please refer to the SWASH® Clinical Manual below.

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Item No.Product description Size
288350001Pelvic Section1
288350002Pelvic Section2
288350003Pelvic Section3
288350004Pelvic Section4
288350005Pelvic Section5
288350006Pelvic Section6
288400001Uprights 115°1
288400002Uprights 115°2
288400003Uprights 115°3
288400004Uprights 115°4
288400005Uprights 115°5
288400006Uprights 115°6
288410001Uprights 123°1
288410002Uprights 123°2
288410003Uprights 123°3
288410004Uprights 123°4
288410005Uprights 123°5
288410006Uprights 123°6
288420001Thigh Cuffs1
288420002Thigh Cuffs2
288420003Thigh Cuffs3
288420004Thigh Cuffs4
288420005Thigh Cuffs5
288420006Thigh Cuffs6
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