S.W.A.S.H.® Classic

• Plastic pelvic section extends from L2/L3 to the coccyx, providing maximum torso support for candidates with flaccidity or very limited trunk control • Single strap fixed front closure to secure torso support• 6 mm (size1) and 7 mm (sizes 2-4) diameter uprights• Increased posterior and side support• Proven results in several different independent studies•”Childproof” thigh cuff closure


For more information, please refer to the SWASH® Clinical Manual below.

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Item No.Product description Size
288000001Pelvic Section1
288000002Pelvic Section2
288000003Pelvic Section3
288000004Pelvic Section4
288010001Uprights 115°1
288010002Uprights 115°2
288010003Uprights 115°3
288010004Uprights 115°4
288020001Uprights 123°1
288020002Uprights 123°2
288020003Uprights 123°3
288020004Uprights 123°4
288030001Thigh Cuffs1
288030002Thigh Cuffs2
288030003Thigh Cuffs3
288030004Thigh Cuffs4
288030015Thigh Cuffs1A
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