ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½

For your active patients or others who require less resistance or more ROM. We applied Allard’s 20+ years of AFO carbon composite experience and advances in technology to create a new proprietary formula to meet the functional and comfort needs of even more individuals.
The new FLOW technology offers a smoother transition (flow) throughout the gait cycle and has increased ROM in the sagittal plane. ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ has a lower heel height (approx. 7mm) which accommodates gentler contours of shoe insoles and offers more clearance for the forefoot in the shoe toe box. It is easier to customize to meet alignment and biomechanical needs of your patients.

Recommended Range Of Application:

Foot drop combined with 0 to moderate spasticity, in some cases even with impaired knee control and toe amputation. Limb proprioception deficit and mild proximal deficit. For further information on uses and contraindications see AFO Professional Instructions.


ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ should not be used when patients present with foot and/or leg ulcers, moderate to severe edema, moderate to severe foot deformities, severe proximal deficits (e.g. quadriceps spasticity, genu valgum or varum, genu recurvatum), or severe spasticity.


ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ has all the Microfix pre-applied and upper and lower straps and includes a Starter Interface (one SoftKIT pad and two vertical tibia pads). Complete SoftKIT (two interface pads and two vertical tibia pads), ComfortKIT™, GliderKIT™, and CoverKIT™ interfaces sold separately. More information on testing, adaptation, choice of model and size can be found in Allard AFO Professional Instructions.

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Item No.Product description SideSize
289601010ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ w/o D-RingsLeftX-Small
289601011ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ w/o D-RingsLeftSmall
289601012ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ w/o D-RingsLeftMedium
289601013ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ w/o D-RingsLeftLarge
289601014ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ w/o D-RingsLeftX-Large
289602010ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ w/o D-RingsRightX-Small
289602011ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ w/o D-RingsRightSmall
289602012ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ w/o D-RingsRightMedium
289602013ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ w/o D-RingsRightLarge
289602014ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ w/o D-RingsRightX-Large
289621010ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ with D-RingsLeftX-Small
289621011ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ with D-RingsLeftSmall
289621012ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ with D-RingsLeftMedium
289621013ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ with D-RingsLeftLarge
289621014ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ with D-RingsLeftX-Large
289622010ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ with D-RingsRightX-Small
289622011ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ with D-RingsRightSmall
289622012ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ with D-RingsRightMedium
289622013ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ with D-RingsRightLarge
289622014ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ with D-RingsRightX-Large
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