GliderKIT™ provides a gliding “sling” between the leg and the ToeOFF® 2.0 anterior shell. It moves as the leg moves, making it ideal for sports activities such as running or bicycling. It may also be the interface of choice for individuals who continue to experience pressure on the tibia even though the ToeOFF® 2.0 is properly aligned, or for patients with small proximal tibia protuberances that press against the AFO anterior support.


Select left or right based on desired D-Ring position.

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Item No.Product description SideSize
283551010GliderKIT™ for ToeOFF® 2.0LeftXSmall
283551011GliderKIT™ for ToeOFF® 2.0LeftSmall
283551012GliderKIT™ for ToeOFF® 2.0LeftMedium
283551013GliderKIT™ for ToeOFF® 2.0LeftLarge
283551014GliderKIT™ for ToeOFF® 2.0LeftXLarge
283552010GliderKIT™ for ToeOFF® 2.0RightXSmall
283552011GliderKIT™ for ToeOFF® 2.0RightSmall
283552012GliderKIT™ for ToeOFF® 2.0RightMedium
283552013GliderKIT™ for ToeOFF® 2.0RightLarge
283552014GliderKIT™ for ToeOFF® 2.0RightXLarge
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